Mountain Loop Highway Hiking

Lake 22 is a popular hike around the Mountain loop Bed and Breakfast. On a typical weekend from mid spring to autumn masses of hikers visit this site. Winter activities are also popular at this site. Lake 22’ hikers climb a steady slope through the forest of local trees and some old growth, and along the way view waterfalls and adjacent mountain peaks in the distance. Some of the trail is rocky, however when you arrive to the lake, you experience a stunning small lake with an utmost serenity.

A lot of visitors to this site are repeat hikers returning every year to enjoy the hike. It is not clear how this site came to be known as “Lake 22”. However regardless of its history it is there and is visited by thousands every year. The elevation of Lake Twenty-Two is 2,400 feet and the trail 2.5 miles.

The WTA Verlot Ranger Station at 2 miles east of our B&B can provide you with ample information about this and other amazing sites in their portfolio. Lake 22 is less than four miles east of our B&B.

Our Mountain Loop Bed and Breakfast located on Mountain Loop Highway in Washington State and Mt.Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is near many of the WTA amazing sites such as Mt Pilchuck, Dickerman Mt, Lake 22, Big Four/Ice Caves, Barlow Pass, Independence Lake, Heather Lake, Boardman Lake, South Fork of the Stillaguamish River and many more. So don’t hesitate to book a stay at our B&B and enjoy some relaxation and fun. Visit our accommodations page for more information.

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