Washington Trails Association

Washington Trails Association (WTA) provides valuable services in assisting hikers. They protect hiking trails and wild lands, maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors.

WTA is a nonprofit statewide hiking organization second to none in the US with a vast hiking information database for the benefit of those who enjoy hiking. Hikers can use the WTA compiled information as a roadmap to get around the numerous hiking trails which includes lakes, rivers, waterfalls, old growth, campsites, ridges and passes, summits, and more, in North, Central and South Cascade, Mt Rainier, Olympics, Puget Sound and Islands, Northeast and Southeast WA, and Snoqualmie. There are ranger stations throughout the state providing information about WTA sites.

Although there is an annual trail funding, the bulk of the work in maintaining the trails is done by volunteers. Volunteers donate over 100,000 hours annually statewide on all facets of work in keeping up the trails and making them functional and available. In addition the hikers from all over, post their trip information on the WTA sites for others. So in a way WTA is a community of people who enjoy outdoor activities and to preserve their hobby they donate their time to maintain and enhance the quality what they care for. As a result since 1966 when the WTA was established steady progress has been made in preserving and creating new initiatives in forest planning and recreation projects in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

Our Mountain Loop Bed and Breakfast located on Mountain Loop Highway in Washington State and Mt.Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is near many of the WTA amazing sites such as Mt Pilchuck, Dickerman Mt, Lake 22, Big Four/Ice Caves, Barlow Pass, Independence Lake, Heather Lake, Boardman Lake, South Fork of the Stillaguamish River and many more. The WTA Verlot Ranger Station is located two miles east of our site. So don’t hesitate to book a stay at our B&B and enjoy some relaxation and fun.

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